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Rugs make every living area beautiful and are perfect for providing that missing touch of comfort and cosiness. From modern to vintage or different colour themes for all types of furniture and small to large area rugs we go out of the way to design special rugs that will correspond to your taste and best suit your needs and will make your floor look fantastic. Prepare yourself to be fascinated by our effortlessly stylish and diverse collection (from practical kitchen rugs to fun children’s rugs) of high-quality rugs. So don't wait more, shop rugs online in UK at Rugs City.

Rugs City

Rugs By Colour

  • Beige/ Cream/ Red/ Terra Rugs
  • Sage Green Rugs
  • Blush Pink Rugs
  • Grey/ Beige Rugs
  • SLIVER Rugs
  • Grey/ Cream Rugs
  • D Grey Rugs
  • Terra/Beige/Red Rugs
  • Grey/ Mustard Rugs
  • Ivory/Cream Rugs
  • OCHRE Rugs
  • Pink/Grey/Mustard Rugs
  • Blue-Cream Rugs
  • Light Beige Rugs
  • Blue-Grey Rugs
  • Yellow/Blue/Cream Rugs
  • Charcoal/ Mustard Rugs
  • White / Grey Rugs
  • Grey/ Cream/ Yellow Rugs
  • Mustard Rugs
  • Rose Rugs
  • Terra Rugs
  • Navy Blue Rugs
  • Multi Rugs
  • Grey Rugs
  • Blue Rugs
  • Cream Rugs
  • Lilac Rugs
  • Cream/ Grey Rugs
  • Navy Rugs
  • Red Rugs
  • Purple Rugs
  • Green Rugs
  • Beige Rugs
  • Black Rugs
  • White Rugs
  • Pink Rugs
  • Orange Rugs
  • Ivory Rugs
  • Brown Rugs
  • Gold Rugs
  • Yellow Rugs
  • Charcoal Rugs
  • Teal Rugs
  • Multi Rugs
  • Silver Rugs

Rugs Collection

Modern Rugs

Modern Rugs

Due to the great variety of designs & styles and the numerous ways they can be...
Plain Rugs

Plain Rugs

We like beautiful, bold rugs embellished with intrepid prints and intricate...
Traditional Rugs

Traditional Rugs

We have the most versatile and timeless collection of Traditional rugs with...
Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are both pretty and practical- most suitable as bedroom or living...
Wool Rugs

Wool Rugs

Experience the softness and comfort that only wool rugs can bring to your...
Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen rugs not only protect subtle floors but also provide a visual...
Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave Rugs

Are you planning to get a beautiful, eye-catching centre piece? You have...
Tribal Design Rugs

Tribal Design Rugs

Tribal design rugs have been enhancing our interiors with intricate patterns...
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